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Dropbear and Panda Save the World is a weekly podcast about world news and events from our uniquely Canadian, comedic, and satirical point-of-view.

We rely heavily on bad humour, equally bad language, and fact-checking done by our assistant OK GOOGLE (she even has her own mic). We're not reporters but rather 'experiential journalists'.

Dropbear and Panda also produce no-budget short films, kick-ass music videos, original plays, and this show. You can see all our weirdness on our website

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Oct 19, 2018

Canada just legalized marijuana, there are line-ups around the block, and we're getting reports it's like the Apple Store, but for weed. We take a quick trip down mammary lane to the Red Mile for the Calgary Flames playoff run.

We recycle and compost like a boss and chat about adding worms to our compost. Speaking of worms, apparently Ticketmaster got busted for admitting collusion-ee type activities with scalpers. And Dropbear has a new rifle.

Legalized Marijuana
The Red Mile
Ticketmaster Busted (CBC Marketplace Video)
Range Warrior Accessories

Theme song by Emre Cords