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Dropbear and Panda Save the World is a weekly podcast about world news and events from our uniquely Canadian, comedic, and satirical point-of-view.

We rely heavily on bad humour, equally bad language, and fact-checking done by our assistant OK GOOGLE (she even has her own mic). We're not reporters but rather 'experiential journalists'.

Dropbear and Panda also produce no-budget short films, kick-ass music videos, original plays, and this show. You can see all our weirdness on our website

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Nov 17, 2018

Well the bid for the Olympic Games in Calgary is finally over—in our wee city there are people trumpeting triumphantly, and others crying in their beer—for us it's just another day. A day where Panda is $100 richer.

Taxation has gone crazy stacking up against small business, public works of art are being called into question, the world is mayhem which is why we end up talking about folklore, the law of supply and demand, virtual reality, video games, Newton the time travelling cat, and stand-up comedy. The world is cray-cray.

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