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Dropbear and Panda Save the World is a podcast about world news and events from our uniquely Canadian, comedic, and satirical point-of-view.

We rely heavily on bad humour, equally bad language, sound-bytes borrowed from various sources, and fact-checking done by our beautiful and whimsical assistant "OK GOOGLE".

We're not reporters, we're experiential journalists.

Dropbear and Panda also produce no-budget short films, kick-ass music videos, original plays, and this show. You can see all our weirdness on our website

2020 Canadian Podcast Award Nominee
Outstanding Production in a Series

2019 Canadian Podcast Award Nominees
Outstanding Comedy Series | Outstanding News & Current Affairs | Outstanding Society & Culture | Outstanding Title Theme | Outstanding Original Music | Outstanding Debut Series | People’s Choice

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Apr 25, 2021

We've got two reviews today - and we’re not angry with one, per se… just disappointed. Which (if we take any cue from our parents) is worse than being mad. Much, much worse.

A man from Italy finally gets busted after skipping work for 15 years, Panda tests her taste buds by doing the ol’ orange juice & toothpaste...

Apr 11, 2021

The most important question we have to ask ourselves - Is Panda’s no taste and smell strong enough to withstand a chicken cooked by a robotic slapping machine?

Our podcast isn’t just about the science of slapping chickens this week; we also talk about DMX and Prince Philip, agonize over Eivor’s bird-eyes in AC...

Mar 28, 2021

We review Bigfoot Family: the most controversial, dangerous movie ever to grace our Albertan television screens. Never before have we witnessed anything so…. Wait, is that a jive-talking raccoon??

Even more perplexing than magical Bigfoot offspring, is marshmallow-flavoured Pepsi. What is this world coming to?! Thank...

Mar 14, 2021

Thanks (?) to our knack for reviewing bad movies, we were asked to review “CAPONE”… and boy, was it ever… a thing... that we did. Sort of.

The Alberta War Room attacks an animated film for children, we praise two gentlemen in Fukushima who care for pets left behind, and we have a new sock jingle! Plus, Dropbear...

Feb 28, 2021

We’re recording at Kensington Studio this weekend but we can’t seem to escape the snowblowers outside. We think they’re stalking us. Send help. Or…. less snow.

Filming commercials in the time of Covid, sharks with feet are keeping Australia on their toes, Netflix has some hits and misses when it comes to Reality...