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Dropbear and Panda Save the World is a podcast about world news and events from our uniquely Canadian, comedic, and satirical point-of-view.

We rely heavily on bad humour, equally bad language, sound-bytes borrowed from various sources, and fact-checking done by our beautiful and whimsical assistant "OK GOOGLE".

We're not reporters, we're experiential journalists.

Dropbear and Panda also produce no-budget short films, kick-ass music videos, original plays, and this show. You can see all our weirdness on our website

2020 Canadian Podcast Award Nominee
Outstanding Production in a Series

2019 Canadian Podcast Award Nominees
Outstanding Comedy Series | Outstanding News & Current Affairs | Outstanding Society & Culture | Outstanding Title Theme | Outstanding Original Music | Outstanding Debut Series | People’s Choice

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Feb 17, 2019

Episode 31 launches a new schedule, that's right it's LIVE TODAY on god's day! Breaking and important news like Ontario makes good on BUCK-A-BEER, then of course the SNC Lavalin Scandal, followed up by Assman finally getting his way.

Panda watches THE MEG much to the delight of her friends, the Internet, and Jason Statham, the Mars rover Opportunity sends its last message to the world, and of course there's that pesky State of Emergency down south.

Canada's Top Scandal
Assman in Saskatchewan
VIDEO: Mars Rover Curiosity sings happy birthday
The Internet says goodbye to Opportunity rover
Shark in the Dark
Jaws, the board game
Trump's State of Emergency
Trump's sons big game hunters fact check
TRAILER: Black Dynamite
GAME TRAILER: Alien Isolation
VIDEO: IKEA Ad - Sad Lamp
VIDEO: IKEA Ad - Tidy Up

Emre Cords for the great music!